Millennials are the future of cryptocurrency and technology as a whole. Cryptocurrency is still in its infancy stages and we all want everything instantly. We now have the ability to google whatever answers we want, watch videos on whatever we want, order food online and not have to drive and get it. We have unlimited information right at our fingertips and computers in our pockets at all times. By millennials investing in cryptocurrency, this paves the way for future generations to come to embrace cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in their day to day lives. We live in a world where we are forced to adapt to technology or learn to adapt to it. Technology is ever changing and cryptocurrency in my opinion can replace regular fiat currency. Cryptocurrency is the future, we may either choose to adapt to it, or learn to adapt to it!

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Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser. This is just a discussion on how I see the future of cryptocurrency. Always do your own research before making any type of investment!


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