Panel 20
Blockchain in the next generation of banking
Blockchain is arguably the most disruptive technological innovation in decades. It is built
on the concept of a distributed consensus ledger, which leverages a network of computers
that jointly create, evolve, and keep track of one immutable history of transactions. That is, it
provides a distributed and decentralized digital infrastructure that empowers transactions or
exchange of value — including financial assets and auto-executable contracts — in a secure
and trusted environment. Banks, fintech startups and other parties are already experimenting
with blockchain technology across a number of cases such as KYC, AML, remittances,
payments, trade finance, clearing and settlements. In this session, panellists will be sharing
their views of blockchain, market trends, industry experiments, and platforms and future
roadmaps with live PoC. 31
Serkan Fergan, Business Development Director, TEB Retail and Private Banking Group,
Dusan Stojanovic, Founder & Director of True Global Ventures, Awarded Best Angel of Europe
in 2013, Singapore
Brad Bulent Yasar, Co-Founder, Blockchain Investors Consortium (BIC), USA


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