The (NEX) NEON Exchange ICO will be launched off the NEO platform. NEX will be a Decentralized Exchange which will bring it’s users privacy, control of their assets, and less change of possible hacks as that of a centralized exchange which could have their servers hacked (still possible to hack one’s computer).

Here are your dates to remember.

March 12
NEX opens registration for the token sale lotteries
To register for the lotteries you will need the following:
An email address
The first 3 characters of your passport number
The country issuing your passport

March 30
Lottery registration closes

March 31
First 25,000 lottery winners are announced on our site
.KYC process opens for winners of the first lottery

April 7
KYC closes for winners of the first lottery

April 8
Second round of lottery winners announced
KYC process opens for winners of the second lottery

April 14
KYC closes for winners of the second lottery
*Token Sale TBA in April*

If any new details come out, I will be sure to let you know.

In videos to come I will go over some vehicles I use to invest into the markets, cloud mining, times I have been scammed, vehicles that I have found to be a complete scam, ICO’s I have invested my crypto into. Specific invested coins, new investments, etc.

My goal is for you to see what works for me and what has not, so you can make an educated, objective decision on what you want to invest into.

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