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Terraminer Mining Platform ICO Review – New TRM Cryptocurrency Token ICO Investment Analysis

00:10 Technology is no doubt bringing a lot of changes in the financial industry. From enterprise mobility to cloud computing and now digital currencies. These evolving technical advances are continuously transforming financial services. First launched with the introduction of Bitcoin, blockchain technology is one the technologies that has created a lot of impact in the financial world. It enables peer to peer secure transactions that can be easily be verified. Many companies are now offering investment offers built on blockchain token generation. Terraminer is one of the companies capitalizing on these disruptive technologies.

00:20 Terraminer is conducting crowdfunding for the construction of a mining farm. Mining will be implemented on the NiceHash service using the Scrypt algorithm and does not require selection of a specific currency. Payments will be made in bitcoin. On Telegram, a project representative speaks of the constant change in the currency based on the yield.

The construction of the farm is expected to take place in China due to its low electricity costs and the proximity of farm manufacturers.

Project partners:

Innosilicon – equipment supplier. Manufacturer of miners.
JWIPC – equipment adjustment.
EtherDelta – decentralized Ethereum exchange.
Attracted investments: – More than 200 investors were attracted at the PRE-ICO stage.

00:30 Terraminer ICO Review – TRM ICO Coin Investment Review Conclusion
At first sight, Terraminer seems like a viable project to get on board. But as of now, most of the ICO related project is just theory. Additionally, their whitepaper fails to mention how it would ensure project stability. To any wise crypto investor, the project stability and the profit potentiality would be the first item they would need to see. As such, not explaining the project stability leaves the project with much suspicion as to whether they are real or just a scam. The conclusion would be to avoid the project because there is a risk with proof of concept and with the development strategy. If the project can confirm its concept of work, an investor would be able to enter the project at Pre-ICO, ICO and POST-ICO stage with substantially less risk.

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Terraminer Mining Platform ICO Review – New TRM Cryptocurrency Token ICO Investment Analysis


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