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SportAlliance Sport & Wellness ICO Review – New BEAT Cryptocurrency Token ICO Investment Analysis

00:10 There are millions of people around the world playing sports on a daily basis. SportAlliance wants to take this idea to the next level by merging it with blockchain technology. They will launch an ICO by creating the cryptocurrency BEAT and making an economy of global sport and the fitness industry. The company is aiming to connect all participants doing all kinds of sports around the world, in one place. With this, passionate sportsmen can earn BEAT by doing electronically trackable and certified exercise in the gym or outside.

00:20 All about BEAT
Dissimilar to other icos such as PerksCoin, Arcblock, ATFS, Altair, SportAlliance is comprised of a network of companies that work on the common goal of embracing all sports participants and providers and encouraging every person across the world to participate in sport activities. No doubt, physical activities play a significant role in our health and also enhance our performance skills. But not everybody does sport and exercise on a regular basis. SportAlliance wants to use the huge possibilities of technology to encourage people who are really conscious of their health and companies who provide different sports, fitness services and equipment. In this way, both users and service providers will effectively achieve their goal and help those who want to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

The company had decided to start its own cryptocurrency platform, especially for the sport and health market. This platform will help the two distinct groups of sport providers and customers to interact in the one place. The users can access the platform to find an instructor, schedule an appointment with them, and make payment.

SportAlliance will launch an ICO to create the cryptocurrency named as BEAT for the global sport and fineness industry. Sports enthusiasts can then earn BEAT for doing exercise on a daily basis. They want to expand their idea to a global reach by integrating BEAT into their system and representing it as a world sports community.

00:30 SportAlliance ICO Review – BEAT ICO Coin Investment Review Conclusion
At first sight, SportAlliance seems like a viable project to get on board. But as of now, most of the ICO related project is just theory. Additionally, their whitepaper fails to mention how it would ensure project stability. To any wise crypto investor, the project stability and the profit potentiality would be the first item they would need to see. As such, not explaining the project stability leaves the project with much suspicion as to whether they are real or just a scam. The conclusion would be to avoid the project because there is a risk with proof of concept and with the development strategy. If the project can confirm its concept of work, an investor would be able to enter the project at Pre-ICO, ICO and POST-ICO stage with substantially less risk.

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SportAlliance Sport & Wellness ICO Review – New BEAT Cryptocurrency Token ICO Investment Analysis