LitePay Debit Card on Hold. Litecoin added 2 Billion to Marketcap. Anonymous Crypto News Read

A while ago LitePay was announced to be available on February 26th. A debit card or credit card like Payment system that was to be in blazoned with the Visa logo. The intention of the card was to convert Litecoin to Fiat money transactions at the point of sale. essentially a debit card for Litecoin.

The last thing that we were told by LitePay was to expect the card to be released on February 26th. but instead we got an email saying that credit card processors are being hostile towards this style of processing transactions using cryptocurrency.

During the last month LitePay has been systematically removing any references 2 Visa From their social media, website, and advertising media campaigns. Yet I have neglected to mention to us as a whole that the card would be delayed on the 26th.

Litecoin’s CEO has been doing interviews and didn’t feel a need to clue the public in on the credit card issues.

Meanwhile on February 26th Litecoin added 2 billion dollars to their market cap. I guess that’s good news for Litecoin traders and HODLers. but it’s a shady practice for them to silently remove references 2 Visa, and not let the general public know of the changes until the day of the cards supposed release. Which did not happen.

I find this very unacceptable.

They are now listing BitGo as their partner company for handling transactions. But it was on the day of the release that there was any mention of the changes. They, LitePay, knew of this before hand, but obviously kept that to themselves in light of the buzz and excitement in the cryptosphere. No doubt that the chatter of LitePay’s arrival would cause a spike in Litecoin volatility.

Although I do like Litecoin, I am, however, disappointed in these shenanigans.

Do right. Be honest. Litecoin and LitePay. We feel manipulated enough by the mainstream banksters as it is.

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