Hey guys we are in a very interesting place with Bitconnect.. Do you keep your Bitconnect Tokens or do you sale them for Bitcoin? This video I’m discussing why to do either option.. Cut your losses, or hold for a major come up? What’s the best strategy for you?

On a side note even though the lending platform is gone, there are still millions to be made in Crypto, the key is and will always be.. GET IN EARLY!

Remember to Diversify your assets, Be your own Bank and don’t put all your eggs in one basket!



Mac Fou · January 20, 2018 at 7:56 pm

U should stop talking about this honestly… its sad that any adult even believed this bitconnect thing was real

Craig Moore · January 20, 2018 at 7:56 pm

Did I hear ICO?  Oh no!  please be careful because, they will feed the cattle and make them happy until the day of the slaughter  No one is happy getting butchered, baked, and served up at a buffet..

Craig Moore · January 20, 2018 at 7:56 pm

I had no cents!  The money is gone and it was never really there so don't get down under it just move on and be wiser.  Personally I sold because I am just disgusted with the whole bad deal.  I bought better coins and made some money back the first day.  So, it is OK to leave the Titanic and swim to the rescue ship.  There are coins for under a dollar and there is still BTC which you could get a little of.  You pick.  It is all the start of a new day and a new game so, be happy.

slovokia · January 20, 2018 at 7:56 pm

Do you keep track of all the money you put into and take out of your crypto investments? Have you been able to take out more money than you put in? How long have you been investing in cryptocurrencies / tokens?

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