A short preview/compilation of what happened at the meetup!

Hip Hop the Blockchain is a Steemit community initiative by Vandigital who was also the one who organized this meetup.(Thank you bro! You da man!)

Vandal’s vision is to gather Real-World communities and empower the blockchain, contributing to many social benefits, solutions and create a widely spread, positively engaging community standing together as one contributing to the society. All with the power of Hip Hop and Blockchain!

Checkout my Steemit profile for more details of the meetup where I will update more as a full blog!

Make sure to follow Hip Hop the blockchain on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @hiphoptheblockchain. Keep track and involve on Steemit with the tag #hiphoptheblockchain and sign up at theblockchain.hiphop to participate in the revolution!

Shoutout to ABeatC for the crazy beatbox, Chris (who’s not in the video unfortunately) for his beautiful poem for the event, Vandal for his killer freestyles and organizing this event, Miles (One10%), Dice and Theva for the crazy cypher sessions.

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Thank You!

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