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    YGL-C150 Full Hydraulic Crawler Drilling Rig


    YGL-C150 Drilling Rig has been widely used in pipe sheds drilling of the tunnel construction; grouting reinforcing hole drilling; but also the drain hole and large tonnage prestressed anchoring hole of the geotechnical engineering, such as boreholes on side slopes of dams, railways, highways, etc; GSHPs hole and water well or water exploration hole.; and the drilling holes of landside preventing and the treatment engineering of rock collapse.


    It has adopted top hydraulic rotary power head impact which is Germany imported, multi-angle drilling, and excellence performance.
    The speed of borehole is faster than traditional machine.
    It has no dull pollution and no need air-compressor when drill the incompact ground area, the gravel place and fragment rock stratum.
    Special tube drilling technical. It can drilling fast and insure project firmly.
    In complex condition, it can use double tube rotating drilling, in order to make hole stable and easy to slip casting.
    The drilling rig can be applied for different technique methods and a variety of ground conditions. Especially in the difficult work condition, such as the incompact ground area, the gravel place, and the fragment rock stratum, this drilling can always provide the operator excellent solutions.


    Hydraulic Crawler Drilling Rig YGL- C 150
    Total weight kg 7500
    length x width x height (transport status) mm 6100 × 2100 × 2350
    Ambient temperature ° C -10 ~ 38
    nominal drilling depth m 150 ~ 80
    Drilling diameter mm 130 ~ 250
    drilling inclination degree -90 ~ 15
    Horizontal drilling range mm 2050 ~ 3050
    at the top of the impact of rotary power head (original German imports) General / rotary acceleration
    Output speed Ⅰ rpm 32/60
    output torque Ⅰ N.m 9000/7500
    Output speed Ⅱ rpm 64/120
    output torque Ⅱ N.m 4500/3500
    impact energy N.m 400
    Impact frequency Min-1 1800
    power head feed
    Stroke mm 3500
    feed force kN 45
    promoted force kN 60
    slip stroke mm 400
    mast swing angle degrees -30 ~ right 90 or -90 ~ 30
    power machine Cummins Diesel
    Power kW 75
    Speed rpm 2000
    Fuel tank capacity L 150
    crawler chassis PD135
    Shoe width mm 400
    Ground Pressure MPa <0.05
    platform back angle degrees -30 ~ right 90 or -90 ~ 30
    gradeability degree ≤20
    Options hydraulic winch centrifugal slurry pump or drain pump

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