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    Jin Fan with German ThyssenKrupp Co-production Sonic Powerhead Project Launching Ceremony Was Held In Wuxi
    Author:admin Click:4414 Time:2015-9-16

    September 4, 2015 in the morning,Jin Fan with German ThyssenKrupp Co-production sonic powerhead project launching ceremony was held In Wuxi Jin Fan company. More than 20 guests attended the launching ceremony.They are come from ThyssenKrupp of Germany, Wuxi National High-tech Economic Development Zone, Finance Office, Science and Technology Bureau, the leadership of Plum Village Street Party Working Committee, as well as securities dealers, investment companies, funds, banks and many other financial institutions.

    Wuxi jinfan drilling equipment co.,ltd chairman Luo Qiang,ThyssenKrupp Deep Fundation Technology Company Asia Pacific Sales Director Mr Arnold and Wuxi High-Tech Development Zone and the Plum Village Street Party Working Committee Zhang Ye has delivered a warm speech and wish the cooperation success!

    Jin Fan cooperate with German ThyssenKrupp which was one of word’s top 500 this time, producing the world-class sonic power head in Wuxi which made a record that we are the only one company produce sonic head and sonic drill rig in China.

    The first phase investment amount is 30 million yuan,with the successful implementation of the project, the two sides will also increase investment in efforts to jointly develop China and Asia-Pacific markets, will bring considerable social and economic benefits for the company's employees and shareholders bring rich returns.

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