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    YGL-150R successfully entered the Finland’s market in North Europe
    Author:admin Click:4213 Time:2015-5-29

    May 5, 2015, sunny, YGL-150R water well drilling rig was successfully loaded to Shanghai Port and sent from shanghai to Finland. It was specially customized for customer. YGL-150R adopted engineer blue paint , appear to be more attractive and atmospheric.YGL-150R drilling rig will be used for Finland and the North Europe’s geothermal project, make a contribution to the energy conservation and environmental protection of “global village”.

    YGL-150R drilling rig is one kind of full hydraulic power head (top drive) drilling rig. It is mainly applied in drilling work of geothermal hole, and also used in drilling the drain hole and anchoring hole of the geotechnical engineering such as the side slope of dam construction, railways, highways, etc.; still used in the anchoring hole of high buildings deep basement foundation; the anti-floating anchoring hole; the foundational reinforcing hole of interior architecture; the grouting reinforcing hole; the reinforcing hole of road or dam foundation and the jet grouting reinforcing project.

    Inspection before delivery

    atmospheric drilling rig

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