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    New Type of GSHPs Drilling Rig Shows its Power
    Author:admin Click:4191 Time:2012-10-9
      Independently exploited and designed by the Wuxi City Shuangfan (Jinfan) Drilling Equipment Co, .LTD, drilling rig called YGL-100R is a new type of full hydraulic and multifunctional crawler drilling rig specially for of GSHPs (Ground Sources Heart Pumps) hole drilling.
      After exporting to European market, YGL-100R has been spread quickly in home market and wins the high admiration from the customers.
      At the present time, the customers of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hubei, Jiangxi, etc., who are using YGL-100R crawler drilling rig for drilling work, preferably acquire both economical and social benefits.
      The YGL-100R drilling rig, operated in Nanjing City, is able to finish the hole in average 5 hours each for drilling in the ground which has about 20 meters of top soil and about 80 meters depth of the downside rock. As the result, this example adequately exhibits the advantage of high effective drill work by using this drilling rig. Comparing with the traditional Spindle Drilling Rig, in the same condition, it will take about 10-12 days for the same hole.

    YGL-100R GSHPs Drilling Rig Works in Henan Province.

    YGL-100R GSHPs Drilling Rig Working in Nanjing City.
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