What are cryptocurrencies? What is blockchain? When moon? Still not sure what these things mean? No need to fear, Joe’s got the answers here! indaHash wants to make sure our community of brands, influencers and their audience are all up to date!

Don’t forget to check out the following video with more specific details regarding indaHash Coin:

INDAHASH COIN: How Does It Work?

Useful crypto links for beginners:
https://coinmarketcap.com/ – Check out the values of most popular cryptocurrencies out there!
https://blockchaindemo.io/ – Check out how blockchain works, even if you are not an IT developer. See how blocks work, how keys are generated, & how bitcoin works from inside
https://www.cryptotrend.io – Every cryptocurrency compared by their google trend charts
https://blockgeeks.com/guides/cryptocurrency-wallet-guide/ – What is the best practice to store your precious cryptocurrencies? All about wallets and keeping them safe!
http://coinmarketcal.com/ + http://www.coincalendar.info – Calendars with past & future events all related to the crypto-world
https://tokeneconomy.co/ – This site helps make sense of the latest in the crypto-world; cryptocurrencies, blockchains, ICOs, dapps & the growing token economy
https://solume.io/ – This tool compares social media attention and the price of each major cryptocurrency
https://www.cryptonator.com/winners-losers/ – Present cryptocurrency winners & losers and coins that gain and lose the most

Crypto dictionaries/lingo:
https://decryptionary.com/20-blockchain-words-everyone-know/ & https://decryptionary.com/25-common-cryptocurrency-words-you-should-know/ – The most frequently used words in the crypto-world that you need to know
https://decryptionary.com/top-cryptocurrency-trader-slang/ – Dictionary of crypto-slang

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