So after the craze of crypto currencies we can now look back and with clear heads recap what happened and how this mania spilled over into the micro and nano cap stock trading.
So the main idea behind this video is to show that there is nothing new under the financial markets’ sun. Ok, let me correct myself, there is something interesting and it is called blockchain technology! But when it comes to speculation itself and making money by pumping assets, yes, there is nothing new.
The cryptos are just the first application of this technology wonder and I do believe there will be more use of this great technology. But before any great thing starts to develop into something really valuable we need to suffer the madness and mania of the humans who craves to put their hand on anything that promises revolution and overnight riches.
I do believe many became richer but the sad part that average person was sucked into this mania and squeezed like a lemon by bigger players and of course some smarter average traders who sold their worthless cryptos to less educated mass.
Hodlers and other crypto fans please do not judge me! This is just one man idea about interesting topic. Let’s be very very clear here – I do believe in blockchain as technology (I do compare it a bit to internet when it started to boom in 2000s) but not into cryptos. I do believe we will see great companies emerge from this madness. Like in example I would really like to buy Ripple shares if company would do IPO, but to buy Ripple when even CEO told not to do this for investment purpose, thank you no. But you get the idea, there will be great blockchain companies similar like after dot com we have Amazon now.
But the sad part which I want to get back to is that the charts of these cryptos looked like classical pump and dumps that I saw over and over again when trading all kinds of penny stocks. I really knew what was coming and the Google trends just confirmed the truth. I used same Google engine to confirm that first marijuana stock mania.
So if you got interested check the video in which I will show you how to spot any craze with Google trends and I will show you how this nicely correlated with Bitcoin chart. As well we will look through many micro and nano cap aka penny stocks to see how these greedy people who run these companies used blockchain and strategic PR to wash people brains and pumped stock prices to benefit all insiders.


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