The blockchain is decentralized and distributed record of information that is updated frequently at a fixed interval and all changes are verified by connected computers in the peer to peer network the process is called Mining.

There are many famous cryptocurrencies, crypto coins, smart contracts and tokens and they differ from each other in following ways.
* interval between new Block found
* size of a block
* method to distribute fees to blockchain miners who are mining the coin sometimes it is also known as minting.
* ways to lightning the network or managing the number of transactions on the main chain vs side chain.
* and they differ in use cases that are applied on any existing blockchain.

For creating a new coin either a new Blockchain is created from scratch with an ICO (initial coin offering) attracting miners as having miners to verify the blockchain is fuel to any blockchain without miners a blockchain cannot survive.

or different coins opt for having hard fork from an already existing coin and they take a group of miners from existing coin by marketing their use case or their advancement that they want to make to an existing network. to attract miners they sometimes use Airdrops for HODLers and the people who HODL their coins at a certain block when they fork.

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on the priority list, I will try to cover following coins/ cryptocurrencies/tokens

*Cardano ADA
*Matchpool Guppy
*Matchpool Fund0x
*Basic Attention Token
*BitBean or BeanCash
and many more


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