Bitclub Network Review After Bitclub Network Shifted To Bitcoin Cash ~ Get Started Here:


I hope you enjoyed this Bitclub Network Review video and see the benefits of joining Bitclub Network.

This video shows how much bitcoin cash I made with Bitclub Network since Bitclub Network shifted to Bitcoin Cash.

Bitclub Network one of the top 10 mining companies in the world and you can see us on a 3rd party site which is the biggest in the world (Bitclub Network) showing people who the top miners in the world are. It doesn’t get any better than this as far as confirmation. We are the ONLY crowdfunding group in the top 10 in the world you can join and grow a business around if you so chose to do so.

If you do NOT want to refer anyone at all that is fine also your investment will make you money without referring a single person.



Step 1: Get bitcoin in exchange for your currency using an exchange and use to exchange your bitcoin for bitcoin cash
Step 2: If you are a US citizen get a VPN (it’s Free): Download and use this video to set it up:
Step 3: Enroll with Bitclub:
Step 4: Pay for you $99 membership fee with bitcoin
Step 5: Get a mining pool and pay with bitcoin – each share is $500:


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