4 ways to confirm blockchain unconfirmed transaction quickly

A common problem noticed by all of us many times, bitcoin transaction unconfirmed or it has got stuck and we have no choice to wait on the mercy of the blockchain.

The number of transactions on the Bitcoin network has steadily increased over the years. This means more blocks are filling up. And as not all transactions can be included in the blockchain straight away, backlogs form in miners’

Miners typically pick the transactions that pay the most fees and include these in their blocks first. Transactions that include lower fees are “outbid” on the so called “fee market,” and remain in miners’ mempools until a new block is found. If the transaction is outbid again, it has to wait until the next block.

If you want to have your transaction confirmed faster, the obvious solution is to include a higher fee.

mining pool ViaBTC started offering a “transaction accelerator”. If your transaction is stuck and includes at least 0.1 mBTC fee per kilobyte, you can submit the transaction-ID to ViaBTC, and the pool will prioritize it over other transactions. Since ViaBTC controls about seven percent of hash-power on the Bitcoin network, there is a good chance it will find a block within a couple of hours.

There are few other sites which can confirm the transactions based on your file size.
If your file size is high they may charge you acceleration fees.

There is other way round where in you go to transaction id click it then this window will open.

now go to the browser and type the following :
?format=hex after the transaction id in browser as this shown:

then click it

you will get hex code like this .

now copy the code and now go to

click enter

this window will open up

now paste the hex code here.

and submit the transaction
it shows transaction already exists

means it will speed up the transaction.